Sunday, 27 March 2011


Placing Derren's book on hold, I endulged in Joe Sacco's "Palestine" (which I've blogged before). I found it to be a sensational documentary graphic novel that discussed much of the suffering and deprivation of the Palestinians. I highly recommend this book as a challenging, but enjoyable read. The story is told chronoligically through Joe's various interviews, as he's introduced countless times to the local people and their stories. Although it feels Joe is becoming de-sensitized to the anguish of these people, the book ends on a note of hope that change can be arranged through the government, with the people's fight still playing in the background. A beautiful graphic novel, and I'am glad I managed to finish it (300 w/) in 2 evenings.

Now to move on to Tony Blair's "A Journey" which I expect will be quite a challenge for me (considering I'am not the most avid reader), I'am slowly understanding I need to read more, as an intellectual exercise and something that can keep me away from bloody Facebook!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Derren, done.

So it's finally finished and I'am quite pleased. It's been a learning experience, to discover I have, in fact, painted it in completely the wrong way, I can learn from this mistake. I'am quite happy with the fact there's only white, one tube of brown and a black used for the skin tone and hair. I'am really new to painting, this being only my third serious one, so I think this is an area I should advance in when I can. I'am going to see Derren mid-April and hope, somehow, to get this to him. We shall see!

Gosh that was a self-indulgent post, but I don't care!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Annie Drury - Tattoos and Brass Shoes

This is the remarkably talented and unbelievably beautiful Annie,
who I've only once been lucky enough to meet. On this one
encounter I was privileged enough to see her perform three songs
acoustically, but we also got to talk to one another. I believe she's
only one or two years younger than me, and to be gifted with such
talent it is known amongst me and many other people she is destined
to go very far. x

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

On The Lam

I love this song alone but now I've seen the video I like it more so.
Although there's only footage of Kele on his own signing and looking
a little cheesy, I love the animated visuals that accompany him
throughout. Listen out for that drum piece as well!


1. The use of deceit.
2. The fact or state of being deceived.
3. A ruse; a trick.

On Bonfire night I gave a gentleman £9. He told his story, of arriving at Leeds University for an interview as a music teacher, and how at this time his car was unfortunately stolen (with all his money having been left in the glovebox). He then went on to tell me how he had contacted the police and he wanted me to help. So feeling on the spot, I gave this man all the money I had and thought nothing of it. It was only till yesterday (four months on) that I found out this man is in fact homeless (kicking myself) after he comes back to me with the same story.

I feel like a right mug.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

From Croatia With Love

It's funny what happens when I review the traffic coming to my blog. It appears there's been 19 links to my blog from a Croatian forum responding to the coat. I should do more of this stuff it seems... anyway:

I am totally in love
It is really powerful
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jel tolko ja iman para? it is di?
uuuu, praying mantis, this is dark
Below the picture it said "striking anatomical coat by Jamie Avis," so it could be the basis for further research
450 pounds, silk
si nasha it? poshalji me a link or buy me Poshto you got a job
Indeed a special coat. Outstanding work. How I understand, made him a 2009 years and it seems he does it occasionally. This is something very rarely seen. Price coat is more than good. I can only imagine how much it would cost a coat of Givenchy.
Jamie Avis has a blog that is more related to graphic design and drawing.
Here's what he says about making his coat: '... The coat was produced using 10 standard type black gel pens. It's not waterproof !...'
It should be
I have no words to this description And I will not stay without text so easily
to just see what I just found a site with a wide range of "anatomical" pieces
Let me see, let me see
not my đir and would never worn, but my jaw dropped when I saw looks great! totally powerful!
wow, prekul
coat is scary good

Track of the week.

This song has satisfied me everyday this week.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Palestine - Joe Sacco

I bought this book from Salt's Mill in Saltaire today. Their book shop is great, and it's the closest place I have that stocks a decent range of art books, but also graphic novels like this one. I'd looked before but this had never popped up until today (although the shop itself is not massive), and after a few pages of reading the alternative comic format, I was hooked. So with this I intend to educate myself with Palestine. I also need to read more books, this has become apparent since my last brief (involving books. I just have to finish Derren Brown's "Confessions of a Conjuror", Michael McIntyre's "Life and Laughter", both "Mostly Harmless" and "And Another Thing" from HGTTG, and the graphic novel of "Tamara Drewe" by Posy Simmonds.
Anyway, the blurb of "Palestine" reads:

"In late 1991 and early 1992, at the time of the first Intifada, Joe Sacco spent two months with the Palistinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, travelling and taking notes. Upon returning to the United States he started writing and drawing Palestine, which combines the techniques of eyewitness reportage with the medium of comic-book storytelling to explore this complex, emotionally weighty situation. He captures the heart of the Palestinian experience in image after unforgettable image, with great insight and remarkable humour."

I can't wait to crack this open, and I sense it might have relevance in Vis Com and elsewhere.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


So it's getting there now, although there's still alot of work to do tonally and concerning the hair e.t.c. I think I've learnt quite a bit from this little painting experience, to start by mapping out the raw colours of the face, and leaving the work a little later till the deadline, so I feel a bit more motivated to actually keep doing it. From the original (that you can't see on this photo) I've used a lot of iridescent paint, in the background and the shin of his collar, but also in the eyes. Roll on April!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Escapist - The Streets

This would've been a fitting farewell song for The Streets, but it
doesn't matter, Skinner's left a legacy of turning British Garage
music on it's head. He walked across France for this video.
That's a simple example of his devotion to his practice.
I think I need the same approach.
Maybe I'll walk across France...


Minus content, includes magical magenta rollovers.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Klaxons - Ivy Leaves

Klaxons released a one-off e.p on Christmas Day. This is
the third track from that special treat, and it's such an epic
song, just a shame that might of it all doesn't build up to a
crescendo. Drum and bass remix? Yes please.