Tuesday, 30 November 2010

KT Tunstall - Difficulty

I just love how the guitar burns through this song right
from the start, but doesn't interrupt KT's beautiful singing
and the rest of the track. I bought this cd yesterday and
already I'am in love.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Turin Brakes

Amazing piece of animation bliss. Love how every animal
sings the song as they evolve from water to land creatures.
Thanks (y.k.w.y.a)

The woman you'd love your woman to be like

Genius! A clever little spoof of the Spice viral

Friday, 26 November 2010


Finished tonight.

My poem containing snippets of news headlines on the recent snow downfall. It's sort of about the language techniques used to convey fear and how, through our very British attitudes, newspapers like the Daily Mail can control people relatively easily, impacting on their awareness of present goings on. The poem itself came out fairly nice, even though it only came down to copy, past and rearrange. I might even get it printed.

prolonged cold spell
bear the brunt
not just a short, sharp shock
widespread icy roads
freezing weather takes a hold
risk of heavy snow
worst November snow for 17 years
winds usher in a freezing fortnight
freezing weather shut dozens of schools
chaos for millions
adverse conditions
cold snap was set to tighten its grip
experts warned the Big Chill
possible blizzard conditions
freezing temperatures yesterday
snow brought havoc to the roads
we're all going to die

Derren: Post 1

This is the first update of the Derren Brown portrait.
It's taken me 3/4 evenings and it measures about 8/9 inches in width from the arch of the nose to the end of the brow, but it'll hopefully be worth it in the end. Intent on working across to the left eye and developing from there, hopefully continuing the a similiar palette of colour throughout. It's nice to be able to relax with a long-term painting, it's my therapy.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Three ideas (poor quality drawing)

We are encouraged to pick a job in which we see success,
Instead of thinking about what we really need for happiness.
And so our goal becomes our job title and anything less,
Is deemed a failure and for me this is quite hard to digest.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

First Time We Met Musik - Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip


It might be apparent that by the mass of music videos I've posted over the past couple of months I like music. And I'am. I don't dedicate, but devote alot of time every single day to listen to an album that resonates and shapes my mood, whether it's extrovert and open; or enclosed, dark and angsty. For me this was my favourite album of 2008. I'd heard the one song "Look For The Woman" twice previous, and it set me on the path of eventual fandom, loving every single song of this album ever since.

This album's by the underrated geniuses that are Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, and the album's called Angles. It's a diverse masterpiece of insightful wonder and depth that a large majority of standardised pop acts simply lack. And it might be an acquired taste, but this album (although the case is damaged) will always be in the top ten.

"Maybe I'am a genius or maybe I just think alot" - Scroobius Pip

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Congestion R. 2


How is congestion affecting Leeds?
Congestion makes journey times longer and more unreliable. Queues and cancellations cause frustration and delays for commuters travelling to and from work.

Congestion can also create additional costs for businesses, which to operate efficiently need reliable delivery times and a workforce that is able to arrive on time.

Leeds - one of the UK's fastest growing cities
With almost a third of all jobs in the City Region located in the city itself, Leeds is one of the UK’s fastest growing cities.

Between 2000 and 2006, the number of rail passengers arriving at Leeds Station between 7.30am and 9am increased by 25%.

Traffic on our roads has grown at the same time and that growth has resulted in congestion becoming an increasing problem for car users and bus passengers.

Congestion has resulted in:
Most roads coming into the city centre being unable to take any more traffic in the rush hours.
The traditional rush hour extending, starting earlier and finishing later.
cars (most carrying just one person) and buses being delayed by heavier traffic levels.
People switching to the rail network meaning many trains are now very overcrowded during the peak periods.

Addressing the problem now
Allowing traffic levels to continue growing could slow business growth in Leeds. Through Transport for Leeds, we want to ensure that growth is not restricted by levels of congestion that have unacceptable effects on travellers, the local environment and public health.

How can we tackle congestion in Leeds?

Here are some ways in which we think congestion could be tackled. But don't forget we want to hear your ideas and opinions.
Initial analysis suggests that a 10% reduction in the number of peak-time car trips (like those experienced during the school holiday periods) would reduce average journey times by approximately 20%.

Ways of achieving this might include:

More flexible working and opportunities for people to work from home;
New and improved public transport;
New types of public transport such as the New Generation Transport System being developed for the city, and tram trains;
Increased capacity on public transport - providing room for more people to travel;
Other public transport improvements such as increased frequencies,
more reliable journeys, better quality services, vehicles and information;
New and improved walking and cycling facilities;
Measures to encourage people to travel in ways other than the private car;
Investigating how demand management might help and encourage people to travel at less congested times, on routes that are less congested, or to reduce the number of trips they make by car.

What you can do to help
Reducing the level of traffic on the roads into Leeds by encouraging
people to switch from their cars to other ways of travelling would
require a significant investment in new public transport.

De La Soul - Me, Myself And I

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Reminded by previous link - these are a good 2 or 3 years old now.

Stanley Donwood

I'am glad someone was innovative and clever to think this one up, although it's a little ironic considering Donwood's work is vaguely anti-capitalist, and it's planted on a pair of Converse, but there you go! I like these simply because they're aesthetically pleasing and because of Radiohead. Oh and I did something similiar ages ago which I'll upload photos of inabit.

Battles - Tij

Congestion R.

Bicycle hire and storage scheme opens

A £700,000 bicycle hire scheme has been officially opened at Leeds Station.

People using the CyclePoint in the city can also store and buy bicycles and get repairs carried out.

"It was officially opened by Transport Secretary Norman Baker on Monday, who said it was a "innovative" project encouraging more people to cycle.

The scheme has been introduced by Northern Rail and its Dutch-based parent company Abellio, in partnership with Network Rail and the city council.

A Northern Rail spokeswoman said the bikes could be hired for £8 a day.

Dutch Ambassador Pim Waldeck was also at the event.

Mr Baker said: "I think this is an innovative scheme in Leeds and is this way things should be going. We are determined to get more people cycling and walking and tackle the problem of carbon emissions." "


KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See

My first ever moleskinner

On the day that Guy Fawke's almost blew up parliament, I gave a reasonable sum of money to a stranger and chavs launched a firework at me, I also bought my first ever "moleskine" book. Really quite enjoying it as well, love the paper quality, and it feels reminiscent of writing in someone else's diary. Except it's not someone else's, and I'am drawing. But this is what it looks like so far, because I like devoting (not dedicating) my evenings to drawing in this book now, although I'll take offers for gatherings and knees-ups.

KT Tunstall - 'Fade Like A Shadow' Lyrics Video (HD)



So my new project's going to be around the issue of CONGESTION and how it affects the world. I'll need to find three groups or organizations that are trying to combat congestion, and then pick one to help out with (volunteering e.t.c, or to help raise cash). I will not be delivering a solution to the problem, but interpretting the issue and highlighting how others are tackling it for now. It'll be key that I actively participate with one group.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

London bicycles - another report.

Here's another report detailing the practicallities of the bikes themselves and everything they're fitted with, along with price.

Major of London Boris Johnson launches a city bike scheme.flv

This is Boris Johnson's campaign to launch a bicycle riding scheme to ease congestion on the roads of London, proving that the mayor can do something right. But the project isn't without it's flaws.

Pedal Power - Research

This video regards my research in to the problem of congestion on the roads (especially in cities), and how it can be prevented economically, ecologically and healthy.
I'll still need to try and find three groups within Leeds to focus on, and at some point later in the project, contact and co-operate on. And it might give me a chance to get some exercise!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone - Official Music Video

Can't wait for this come the 22nd.

Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend


Some things are so ridiculously unexpected that ten minutes previous to it happening, it's something you could never have comprehended, beyond your expectations rooted in routine. But something spectacular happened and it made me feel human(e).

To be stopped by a stranger in a completely out of the blue context is something that would bewilder anyone, and I'am the same. But really, there is no reason to be shocked by the contact made by you and another fellow human. A rough outline of this event travelled as follows:

I left college at around half five ish, I'am not quite sure because I'd stayed in college for a bit and it's really quite easy to lose track of the time. Nonetheless I began my usual walk back in to Leeds, this time stopping by a friend's house. Before I knew it I was being acknowledged by a stranger, and complemented bravely by how I seemed approachable.

The gentleman in this case was a music teacher, who had travelled by car for a interview at Leeds University earlier that day. He told a suspicious, yet believable story of how his car had recently been stolen, with half his money conveniently locked in the glove compartment, and all the while he sat none the wiser in his interview. But returning to where he knew he had parked his car, lay an empty space. In great shock and fear, he approached me, aside from anyone else for help (for which it feels rather unexplainable to define why I, out of anyone else, would be approachable), and expressed his desire for help, and to get home by any means.

The best I could provide him was all the money in my coat pocked, around £9.20, out of the £48.00 his ticket cost. My heart sank for this man in an alien city, far from home with little money, and this was all I had, and could have. Aside from a feeling of regret, I felt a massive sense of content and happiness, away from my circumstances, and focusing my mind on his world, where he was and where he needed to be.

If we all gave money to a stranger, we all might one day just chin up a little and forget our woes.

For that man I dedicate this post, because it was his gift to me, of generosity and openness that made my week a thousand times better. I hope you got home x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


This was the soul inspiration for 1 of my 5 final pieces of the final major project. The video provokes alot of questions to be thrown up, with a reoccuring theme of death and ideas of the afterlife, but also within the lyrics are clues to the fear of dying alone. I know it sounds very morbid, but trust me both the song and the video are coupled so beautifully it blows Keane in to the stratosphere of musical genius. I have and always will love this song.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The best thing i ever done...

It took 4 days.
It took 10 black gel pens.
It's on £450 worth of pure silk coat.
It's not machine washable.
I'd live, for you.
I'd die, for you.
Do what, you want,
me to.
I'd cry for you.
My tears, would show,
that I,
can't let,
you go.

Don't let, me down.
Don't make, a sound.
Don't throw, it all,
Remember me,
so tenderly.
Don't let, it slip,

Natural Animation

Something I did over the summer, being a crap version of how Tobias Stretch does things. Kept me busy!

Jamie T Direction home

Monday, 1 November 2010

Tonight (23.58((1/11/10)))

We're in a dangerous state of mass escapism, it leads to the darkest things and in itself can be safely deemed inescapable. A fortress of thoughts and benile epiphanies
of meaningless babble will drive each soul out from the brick and in to the light.