Sunday, 27 February 2011

Thom Yorke Dance Guide


Thom Yorke Dance Figures 1 and 2
Figure 1: Shower Head
Raise the left arm gently to form a shower over your hat. Imagine the water is flowing on your hat. It’s real, you are not dreaming, the water is indeed flowing on your hat yet you are fully dressed. This is just the beginning, you are now getting into the dance, nothing can stop you. You are free.
Figure 2: Egyptian
This technique is often mistaken for the moonwalk, courtesy of Michael Jackson. The two are indeed similar but notice the position of the right hand in the Egyptian. It’s actually a palm up, a very difficult technique to master without getting injured. However this is one of the key details a lot of people miss. Give it a time, the practice makes perfect.
Thom Yorke Dance Figures 3 and 4
Figure 3: Jester
This beautiful and ambiguous position symbolizes both domination and terror. Once in the position, rock from side to side like drunken women on a boat.
Figure 4: Rag
Your body is hanging on a clothesline. Move it in reverse from left to right. You are slowly becoming a red scarf used to tantalise wild bulls in Pamplona.
Thom Yorke Dance Figures 4 and 5
Figure 5: Empty Pockets
This is actually quite easy figure to master but remember – the timing here is crucial. When the part “I will sneak myself into your pocket” comes put your hands in your pockets. There is a lot of meaning behind this gesture but we won’t go into details in this guide. Just put your hands into your pockets on time and you’ll be fine.
Figure 6: Karateka
If you are Thom’s generation you’ll know that one of the most popular games in 1980′s was Karateka. It was indeed one of Thom’s favourite too. This karate gesture symbolizes the tension between Thom and media especially during the OK Computer era.
Thom Yorke Dance Figures 7 and 8
Figure 7: Lotus Flower
This is the climax of the whole dance and the most important part. Hold your hands together in front of your face and slowly unfold as you raise them up above your head. This symbolizes a new beginning, a new hope – the Lotus Flower unfolding.
Figure 8: Acorn
Even a thousand year old King Of Limbs was once just a small acorn. This is all about humbleness in front of the nature. Respect it or die. It also symbolizes the green way of living which Radiohead promote whenever they get a chance.
Thom Yorke Dance Figures 9 and 10
Figure 9: Prayer
This one is very personal to Thom so we won’t go into details. Just hold your hands together, close your eyes and gently bend your knees as you were going to knee down.
Figure 10: Fan
Where would Radiohead be without their fans? This last figure is an honour to the fans all around the world. Thom here completely frees his body and mind and finishes the dance by giving thanks to all the Radiohead fans who pre-ordered The King Of Limbs

Sunday, 20 February 2011

And this is a small part of a very big project for the fabulously talented and lovely Phoebe
This is just a little something I'am using as part of extra-curricular work, needs digitising and editing a wee bit!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Charlie Brooker's "How Tv Ruined Your Life" is a very truthful depiction of tv and it's highly negative influences on you. Quoting his first episode: "Fear" "Shouts BOO! in your mind". I've just about discovered his desert dry sense of humour and I love it, along with his willingness to be so harshly critical is something I admire, strangly. I also love his ability to parody much of tv, and the remarks and comments are golden. You really have to watch this program to understand it, but the title pretty much explains it. Charlie Brooker is a clever man with a celebrity haircut and Konnie Huq as a wife.

Icarus by Sound of Rum

Sage Francis Vs. dan le sac "Three Sheets to the Wind

Sage Francis, Scroobius Pip, B Dolan

Really do wish I was here!

B Dolan - One Breath Left

Rat Race - Scroobius Pip

The brilliance of one Pip is the origin to my interest in the
spoken word as an art form, and it is an art form in a lyrical
sense. It's triggered my knowledge of Sound of Rum too,
who, led by legend Kate Tempest, supported (and continue
to do so) when they played Leeds Cockpit, along with
B. Dolan.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Natalie Portman

Regrettably, the quality of the photo's pretty dire, but I was really pleased finishing this sketch, especially considering how long it had taken me.

Saturday, 5 February 2011