Sunday, 18 September 2011


I've just come across my wonderful friend's blog post about the coat (again!).

Colleen on the coat:

"Its very special. Not because it is awesome but because Jamie drew it and he was about 15/16 at the time. He is a very special talent and my unofficial ‘son’. He and I have a good relationship based on mutual respect, all very adult, but then he is. The coat will be wheeled out on the 4th of September one of only 2 ever public appearances… I hope it causes a flutter..."

It made me smile from ear to ear reading that I was regarded as her "unofficial 'son'", and of course I' am more than proud to consider her my own official mum!

A bit of a personal post, but who cares, we're on to 399!

To the strongest person I know.

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